Perkins Library revamps website with new features despite budget cuts

Library Services and Information Coordinator Brianna Weichel has been working on several projects over the past few months in order to provide students with easier and better access to databases through the library. The biggest addition is a newly renovated website.

“This is a big project, but we are definitely excited about it. It’s just to make finding our resources easier. They are organized on our website in a way that is easy to find and to understand. Each database has a brief description just so students can know what to expect from that database, that way you can pick and choose exactly what you are looking for,” Weichel said. 

The library is offering a brand-new website, as well as several new databases for students to take advantage of.

“Currently the library is providing two video resources, academic video online and films on demand. We also offer Grove Music Online and Medici Online, which are both music-oriented databases,” Weichel said.

The library is not finished with updates and plans to keep adding new services to aid students as they pursue research for their classes.

“The ‘How Do I’ tab is basically going to be a research guide for students. So now we have ‘How Do You Avoid Plagiarism,’ but there is going to be a lot more coming, including ‘How Do You Cite Sources,’ ‘How Do You Choose a Research topic,’ things like that,” Weichel said.

Along with these newly added resources, the library has also faced challenges regarding COVID-19 budget cuts, but continues to remain positive. 

“This has definitely been a unique year and has proven to be a challenge for colleges and universities all over the country. However, it has also been a great opportunity for the library to evaluate its resources to determine where to strategically invest. The library aims to provide quality resources that are meaningful to the campus community and are consistently being evaluated,” Weichel said.

If you are interested in checking out the library’s updated website, click here.