Piper and Fisher announced 2018-’19 SA president and vice president

Piper and Fisher will the the 2018-’19 SA president and vice president


Geena Piper and Cole Fisher will be the Hastings College (HC) Student Association (SA) president and vice president respectively for the 2018-19 school year.

A total of 387 votes were cast. Of the 948 students eligible to vote, a voter participation rate of 40.8 percent was achieved. This is less than the 48 percent turnout of the 2017 election.

Piper and Fisher have five platform items for their incumbency.

The first is a winter bash. The winter bash will be similar to Bronco Bash, but will take place inside and before fall finals. A dance party will also take place before winter bash.

The second is to begin tailgating before all athletic events. Fisher expressed the motivation for this was to increase school spirit.

The third is to add solar powered picnic tables in Steinhart Plaza. The picnic tables would use solar energy to provide outlets for electronic devices outside. They hope to have these tables funded by alumni.

The fourth is to improve HC Does Weekends. To increase attendance, they hope to have two events that are larger and more publicized each month and additional smaller events during the other weekends.

The fifth item is to bring therapy animals before midterms. Piper and Fisher hope to reach out to animal shelters to bring more dogs and animals on campus, a wish expressed by students to them.

Piper and Fisher chose these platforms after discussing with students and Student Life.  

“Before campaigning even began, back before spring break, Cole and I went around to the dorms and sat down with you, the students, and asked like what your ideas and what you would like to see coming to HC,” Piper said. “And then with that, we also had a booth in the union when we accepted different ideas. People wrote them anonymously on sheets. So our whole campaign is based off of what you, the students, want.”

Piper and Fisher are confident about their term and serving the student body.

“I feel very confident. We had just a select few (items). We think they are very attainable and we’re going to get started to work right away,” Piper said

Anna Flairty, 2017-18 SA president, said that she feels confident handing off the torch to Piper as the future president.

“I am very confident that they will be able to do everything we’ve done and much more,” Flairty said.  

Piper and Fisher would like to thank their constituents for their support and votes.

“Thank you for believing in us. We’re very excited again for this opportunity, very humbled and blessed for this. We’re going to do everything in our power to make your voice heard,” Piper said.