Hastings College students are having a great time at Operation Glow while getting sprayed with foam, a new addition for the 2019 Operation Glow.

Piper’s Operation Glow brings in 350 students

Students went to Kiewit Gymnasium on April 6, dressed in white for Operation Glow. Cole Fisher, student association (SA) vice president, Geena Piper, SA president, and Kara Siedhoff, coordinator of student engagement, did most of the organizing for the event, while the SA Executive Cabinet assisted with all of the planning and set-up the day of the event.

Operation Glow is an ultra-violet and electronic dance music concert that is hired by colleges and universities for events at their school.

Operation Glow had been to Hastings College two times before last weekend. Piper and Fisher knew the event was popular among students, which is why they made the event part of their SA presidential platform promises.

When SA executives planned for Operation Glow, they purchased a higher-tiered event package than last year, called “Operation
Glow Level 3.” The upgrade added a foam cannon, sparklers, confetti cannons and UV bubbles.

“We thought since this was such a highly attended event that we would try the upgrade and see if it was worth it,” Piper said.

An estimated 350 students attended the event. In addition to campus safety, there were three off-duty Grand Island police officers for security.

“I have had students already asking if it is going to be brought back again next year as they had such a good time and would like to do it again,” Piper said.