Publishing Notice for the remainder of the year

Due to the continuation of campus closure which has pushed operations and coursework online and ceased the possibility of on-campus, in-person events which have been regularly reported on, the Collegian will be issuing a publishing notice in order to account for the possibility in weeks in which there will be no content to publish or report on.

Currently, the Collegian’s publishing times are scheduled to take place every week until May 8, a week prior to the end of the semester and for the remainder of this academic year, but will be contingent upon the amount of content available to report on. 

In the remaining weeks to come, the Collegian will continue to publish as needed and when able to online and on college-issued iPads, however, may not be able to every week that had been previously scheduled.

As written in last week’s issue of the Collegian: “As a student-led news source and publication, it is during this pivotal time in our education that the Collegian continues its operations and provides students with the ability to receive news pertaining to the HC campus and its actions and services — an imperative responsibility even while functioning on a virtual campus. If our institution continues to serve students during this time, then the Collegian must also continue to serve in its roles. 

In order to continue fostering its responsibilities, the Collegian has moved all operations online and will continue to publish through its website venue and on college-issued iPads, as well as maintain its social media platforms, in order to accessibly give students news pertaining to HC specifically. The Collegian staff will cover the actions and services of the college but asks that you stay up-to-date on factual local, state, national and international news sources and publications in relation to current events and the COVID-19 pandemic, as our staff will focus on campus operations specific to its community.

However, with the need to transfer to online production and the closing of campus facilities, the Collegian’s resources are limited along with the possible content it is able to report on and publish on a weekly basis; and if the unnecessity of publication arises, will cease regular operations and issues for the remainder of the semester with the exception of special edition issues. As the Editor-in-Chief of the Collegian, I hope that this need for publication continues and our staff can provide information necessary to students during this time. I ask that anyone with unanswered questions or concerns that have exhausted possible campus resources come to us as we may be able to report these answers for the entire campus community and those who may also have similar thoughts. If there is something that our readers feel the need to have or want to be reported on, they can reach out to us and see what this paper may be able to offer. What news can we continue to offer our readers during these uncertain times?”