Rogers and Jones elected SA president, vice president

Running mates use online platforms, media to campaign

Junior Maggie Rogers and Sophomore DaeRon Jones were elected Student Association (SA) president and vice president respectively for the 2020–21 academic school year after the announcement was made Wednesday following the close of voting.

Campaigning was done solely through online platforms this year due to campus closure, however, it did not affect the voting process which was conducted via a Google Form sent to students — similar to years past.

Rogers, current SA vice president, and Jones were voted in out of two groups running for SA president and vice president, with the other being Juniors Robert Hernandez and Richard Hernandez — compared to last year’s election when only one group ran for office.

“It was great to be able to run against two of our peers who also care so much about Hastings College. Running against other candidates pushed us to be more creative and it showed us how badly we wanted to serve our community,” Rogers said.

Rogers talked about the campaign process being different than in years past due to having to shift to primarily online-based outreach and social media platforms. Various aspects of the traditional campaign process were adapted in order to accommodate the changes and still being able to reach the student body.

“Not being able to be on campus has changed the campaign process. It obviously prevented us from seeing our peers in person, advertising on campus and getting to debate topics with the other candidates. While the closure of campus did affect the election process we believe we took these changes in stride and adapted well,” Rogers said.

While Jones has not been a part of the campaign process in the past, he also saw some of the ways that the campaign needed to adapt.

“Me not being a part of the campaign process last year it was easy to transition into campaigning primarily online. It was only difficult because you have to hope that people are seeing the content we were putting out, but I think this is what our school and world are heading toward technologically. So, it was a fun challenge all in all,” Jones said.

With having to rely solely on online platforms in order to reach students, the elected candidates talked about social media aiding in the process — also a main part of their platform for future goals with the running mates wanting to develop a greater social media presence for SA and the HC community. Rogers and Jones also partnered with community living coordinators (CLC) for an interview on the CLCs’ podcast, “What’s Up HC.”

“Well, we were always planning on having a social media presence during the campaign, even before campus was closed. We are eager to start creating digital media content specific to HC and our community, which was one of our campaign platforms,” Rogers said.

“I think by having all of the dope graphics and posters that Maggie made and having platforms that our peers want to know about definitely helped draw attention. Also getting the support of people on social media reposting our posts and spreading our messages around helped a lot. We also reached out to a lot of people, not really asking for support but just that they see what we have to offer,” Jones said.

Rogers and Jones said they are thankful for the opportunity to serve in their elected roles through SA and have already begun making plans for the upcoming year; asking as well for students to reach out to them for anything they can assist in or improve upon.