Roush strives for inclusion as new SAC

As Hastings College rebounds from and lifts pandemic restrictions, a key part of returning to the usual college schedule and atmosphere lies in the student activities. As of this Fall semester, HC has welcomed Alyssa Roush as the new Student Activities Coordinator (SAC).

As SAC, Roush is invested in engaging students of all levels, backgrounds and identities. Also with a bachelor’s degree in biology, Roush has just graduated with a master’s in College Student Development and Administration from Shepherd University in West Virginia, focusing on social justice. 

“While I was a graduate student, I worked for the Office of Student Activities and Leadership overseeing fraternity and sorority life, student government, homecoming, and helped with multicultural student affairs and alumni affairs,” Roush said. 

HC stood out to Roush due to its existing emphasis on student inclusion and diversity, range of student demographics and opportunities for student involvement. 

“I’ve been in love with Student Activities and Student Affairs since my senior year of college, and during the job search, this position summed up everything about the job I wanted—from activities and events, student government, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and more, the job was perfect,” Roush said. 

Roush is happy to see these qualities in action at HC, interacting with the Student Engagement team while getting accustomed to traditional events and brainstorming new ways to let students have fun on campus. 

“It isn’t so much a surprise as it is a relief but being able to see the congruence of the Student Engagement team’s mission and the actions and behaviors has been so incredible. Student Engagement truly has the students—all students—at the center of our work, our discussions, our thoughts, and our mindsets, and it reiterates the point made earlier that Hastings College is exactly the place and the people I want to work with,” Roush said.