SA and Scholarship Committee partner to combine funding

The Hastings College Student Association (SA) has partnered with the Student Scholarship Funds (SSF) Selection Committee, formerly known as the Student Research and Travel (SRT) Funds Committee, to create the Students4Students Scholarships. This comes after SA had a surplus amount of funds, and hearing that the SSF Selection Committee had a limited budget after funding was moved into the new sophomore travel
experience expenses. 

Students will be able to apply for this scholarship, or funds, in the same way that they have in years past; however the application process is more streamlined and funds are accessible to more students due to fewer stipulations on funding allocations.

“When the college went to the sophomore travel experience, the largest portion of those funds, the SRT funds, was moved out of that pot of money; and that left the committee with only about $6,000 that we were then to distribute across an entire for students to do different research projects or whatever it might be,” said Dr. Stephanie Furrer, professor of psychology and SSF selection committee facilitator. “The Student Association contacted me and said that they have some surplus funds; and they had heard that maybe there wasn’t as many funds for students to research and conference travel and different scholarship experiences associated with groups maybe that they were working with and so they wanted to work with our committee to share those funds which then would allow us to have more money which we could then distribute to students.”

SA had $10,000 in surplus that will now be put forth to the Students4Students scholarships in order to fund various student academic experiences that were previously requested through SA Senate budget meetings — taking from a funding pool student groups use intended for providing all-campus events and affairs. 

“SA would hear those budget requests like they do for everybody else but they’re usually reluctant to give funds just because the money usually is spent on student activities or things going on campus or for campus groups for the majority of students, so that’s the point of the funds. So usually, they’re usually just reluctant to give them out all the time ­— to say, a certain individual or a group of two or three individuals going to a conference,” said SA President Kaelan Dea.

After partnering with the SSF Selection Committee, Dea gave a presentation to the HC Board of Trustees on the new partnership.

“I gave a presentation at the Board of Trustees meeting … Judee Konen had approached me after (the meeting) because they (Board of Trustees) give Innovation grants for faculty and staff members for projects that they think are beneficial for students,” Dea said. “They were kind of looking for a way to give some of that innovation grant money to students and they really weren’t sure how to do that. So, they thought that this project that we were doing would be a way that we could do that for students.”

Dea provided a $5,000 grant proposal to the board that was decided and approved separate from faculty and staff proposals.

With this partnership, Dea and SA Vice President Maggie Rogers will serve as SA student representatives on the SSF Selection Committee along with faculty representatives from each academic division, Student Activities Coordinator Bethany Simoens and Director of Financial Aid Traci Boeve. Student representatives will not be present on disucssions concerning financial aid in applications.

The first deadline for scholarship applications will be Nov. 15, with three more projected to follow.