SA Senate allocates funding to two student groups

The Hastings College Student Association (SA) Senate held their third budget request meeting of the school year on Oct. 23 at 7:30 p.m. in the Wilson Auditorium. Two student groups requested a total of $2,303 of the remaining $18,420 in the SA unallocated fund. 

Senate conducted the meeting in seven minutes; compared to the last meeting, which lasted about 15 minutes. SA President Kaelan Dea closed the meeting by telling senators that amendments to the SA constitution will be proposed at the next meeting to be held on Wednesday, Nov. 6, at 7:30 p.m. in the Wilson Auditorium.

After approval of last meeting’s minutes, Senate moved to discuss budget requests.

SA Executive’s discretionary fund requested $1,900 for Grocery Bag Bingo. This is greater than discretionary’s last budget request of $1,738.22 for Grocery Bag Bingo — which Dea said during the request to Senate. The request was approved in full.

Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) requested $403 to be used for supporting athletic teams and organizations during events. Of that, $125 was requested for five gift cards to be given out at the upcoming Jazz Ensemble, $38 for ThunderSticks to be given out at Kram Kiewit Wrestling event, $200 for an ice cream bar at the upcoming bowling tournament and $40 for doughnuts and bagels at the Shotgun Sports Send-Off event. The request was approved in full.