SA Senate waiting on final amount for this semester’s budget

The Hastings College Student Association Senate held its first meeting of the year on Tuesday, where $19,444 was requested of the estimated $70,000 funds. Senate is still waiting on a final total of available funds.

The executive cabinet retroactively requested $3,050 for events held earlier in the semester, such as paint wars and grocery bag bingo. The banquet committee requested $7,750 for planning homecoming. The special events committee requested $4,094 for homecoming royalty celebrations and supplies and HC homecoming shirts. The entertainment committee requested $300 for homecoming movie night. CRU requested $50 for supplies for their Dial-A-Donut event in October. Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) requested $4,200 for t-shirts to give out at seven events throughout the semester.

In the discussion, it was announced that Senate had been asked to donate money for the Mikaelah Daneen Molifua Memorial Scholarship. It was up to the Senate to decide how much, and an amount of $1,500 was added to the request. The new amount of $4,550 was approved.

For the special events committee, $50 was struck from the request since chalk did not need to be purchased. The new amount of $4,044 was approved.

The entertainment committee received another $200 on top of the requested $300 to purchase candy and snacks. The new amount of $500 was approved.

Requests from the banquet committee, CRU and SAAC were approved as is.

The total budget of $21,094 was approved, leaving an estimated $48,906 in available funds for the rest of the fall semester. The final number for the Senate budget is expected to be known by the end of the month as the final day for students to withdraw for the semester has now taken place.