SAAC supporting athletic events

Starting this school year, the Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) has been part of several initiatives on and off campus, ranging from events at games promoting attendance to looking inward at helping athletes succeed beyond sports. SAAC is formed of representatives from each sports team, a fine arts representative, and a faculty advisory board.

SAAC promotes games in several ways, such as with tailgates, themed -nights and by being a sponsor of other events. 

“If there’s a way and money to do that, there’s going to be a lot more support and it goes a long way. If 10 more people show up to a tennis match because of us, then that’s 10 more people that know tennis is on campus,” said SAAC President Carter Mason. 

Mason commented that as a whole, SAAC has been successful and a positive impact on campus. 

“At the beginning of the year we had a huge push and a lot of compliments from administrators, and that’s been a big ‘thank you.’ We’ve been really humbled to be a part of this the first year and to have that great success. We’re super happy with the way it’s gone. The student body has been receptive and I think it’s something that’s been needed on campus for a long time,” Mason said. 

SAAC’s support is not limited to only athletics, as they sponsor the theater capstones on April 30. 

“We’re trying to make another big community here on campus,” Mason said. 

Beyond supporting sporting events on and off campus, SAAC is also involved in community outreach projects such as Bronco Buddies, where athletes have lunch with elementary students and career workshops specific to athletes such as a “Life Off The Field” workshop led by Mason last fall. 

“Our goal with the three levels: supporting community involvement, academic success, and supporting athletes on the field and on the court — is that we want everybody to have a full experience here. You need to be healthy to do that, and that includes physical, emotional, and mental health,” Mason said. 

Upcoming on the SAAC Spring Schedule is Team vs. Team March Madness, designed to promote friendly competition between the fall, winter, and spring sports teams by having each team create their own March Madness brackets against the others.