Screen Record Feature

Your iPad has built-in tools for screen recording. This feature can be utilized to record your own powerpoints/keynotes, lectures, notes, guides, and projects. To enable screen recording go into Settings>Control Center>Customize Controls. Click the green plus next to the “Screen Recording” control center icon. Once the control center icon has been added, you can start a screen recording by dragging one finger from the top right of the screen straight downward. The menu that appears is the control center. You can then click the screen recording button to begin screen recording. You end the recording the same way you start it through the control center menu button. The recording is then saved to your camera roll or iCloud photos, which can be sent to your Google Drive. I recommend doing this Google Drive step because you can easily fill up your iPad’s local and iCloud storage with videos using this method. By default, the screen recording does not have the microphone enabled. If you wish to enable or disable the microphone for the recording, press and hold on the screen recording menu item in the control center. You can then toggle the microphone on or off.