Senate allocates $40,215

Student Association (SA) Senate held its first meeting of the semester on Jan. 15 at 7:30 p.m. in the Wilson Auditorium. A total of $40,215 was requested and approved out of an estimated $60,000. The final amount had not been solidified by the Business Office at the time of the meeting. Before the start of budget requests, two guest speakers spoke on updates they wanted to make aware to the student body at the onset of the semester. 

Grant Hunter, director of international programs, gave an update on things happening this semester. During block six, about 38 foreign exchange students majoring in event management will be staying at Hastings College. They will be primarily housed in the residence halls and Bronco Village apartments. Students were asked to consider becoming global ambassadors and volunteers during that time.

Kristin Charles, associate vice president of analytic support & institutional effectiveness, reminded students of the check-in survey from block three. She noted that overall, the response was positive, with comments being reviewed by President Travis Feezell and the cabinet. In addition, a more extensive survey will be sent out at the end of this semester to learn more about all faculty, staff and students’ experiences with the changes implemented this year. She asked that students consider becoming part of a working group for that survey and to reach out to her if they are interested.

Senator Celeste Borg informed students that some of Perkins Library journal and database subscriptions have been canceled, effective this semester. To receive further information about which subscriptions have ended, the library staff is available to answer questions.  

The SA Discretionary requested $10,930 in total. Of that, $1,500 was for Grocery Bag Bingo, which will take place next week. Another $1,700 was for cabinet salaries, $1,700 was for programming board salaries and $6,730 was for Operation Glow, taking place April 4. The total amount was approved.

The Entertainment Committee requested a total of $15,000 for five free movie nights this semester, each priced at $3,000. The total amount was approved.

The Banquet Committee requested a total of $8,150 (for May Fete). This included the $300 rental fee at Hastings City Auditorium with a reservation of 450 meals priced at $14 each. Along with that, $300 was for linens, $450 for decorations and $600 to hang a canopy from the ceiling of the auditorium. The total amount was approved.

The Hastings College Collegian requested $4,400 for printing fees of 11 issues at $400 each. The total amount was approved.

Black Student Alliance (BSA) requested $925 for events. This included payment for gas and a performance by keynote speaker Tut Kailech. They also requested $500 to host a Black History Month block party in Kiewit on February 22. The final $25 was to help get BSA started on supplies for a “Valentines BooGrams” fundraiser they are planning in February. The total amount was approved.

Alliance requested $810 for three events they will host throughout the semester. $670 will go to paying professional drag queens for the drag queen show on April 18. Another $40 will go to snacks for an LGBT film night on Feb. 7, and $100 was requested for food and decorations for a Lavender Celebration at the time of commencement. The total amount was approved.

After approval of the individual budget requests, the total amount of requested funds of $40,215 was approved.

Lastly, senators filled out slots to work at the campus connect desk this semester, before closing the meeting.