Senate approves $2,790, discusses constitution

The Hastings College Student Association (SA) Senate held their fourth budget request meeting of the academic school year on Nov. 6 at 7:30 p.m. in Room 30 of the Wilson Center — Senate meetings are usually held in the Wilson Auditorium, but due to room reservation conflicts, Senate had to move to a different location. 

Three student groups requested a total of $2,790 of the remaining $16,117 in the SA unallocated fund. 

Senate conducted the meeting in about 20 minutes, spending about the same amount of time as the last meeting on funding allocation requests, which lasted seven minutes. 

After approval of last meeting’s minutes, Senate moved to talk about budget requests.

SA Special Events Committee requested $1,200 for craft-making events throughout the months of November and December. Craft-making events include yarn craft activities, jewelry making and Pinterest activity nights. The request was approved in full.

Peer HIV Education Organization (PHIVE-O) requested $1,500 to purchase nine condom dispensers for each dormitory and apartment building on campus. This comes after PHIVE-O received a grant from The Condom Collective in the form of 1,000 Magnum and Trojan condoms to be distributed on campus. Each dispenser costs $150,  totaling $1,350. The additional $150 covers the total cost for shipping and handling of the dispensers. The request was approved in full. 

Alpha Chi honorary requested $90 to purchase prizes for their annual Bronco Brainbuster event, a quiz-style game for students on campus. The request was approved in full.

The budget, a total of $2,790, was approved as a whole, and $13,327 remains in the SA unallocated fund for the remainder of the fall semester. 

Senate then moved to propose five amendments to the SA constitution and bylaws. These amendments will be voted on at the next Senate meeting in compliance with Article XIII, Section 1. 

The first proposed amendment will affect the composition of the Senate, found in Article I, Section 2 of the constitution bylaws. Senate would consist of 29 senators, 16 representing dormitories and apartments, 11 representing each academic department, one representing transfer students and one representing international students. These seats would be “intermittently redistributed as needed by the SA Government Advisor, pending Senate ratification.”

The second proposed amendment will affect eligibility of international student senators, adding to Article I, Section 3 of the bylaws. This change would add a subsection to Section 3, stating the eligibility of international students. All clauses are the same to student and transfer student eligibility, with the exception of the last clause stating students “must hold an active citizenship of a country other than, or in addition to, the United States of America.” 

The third proposed amendment will affect the responsibilities of SA senators, found in Article I, Section 7 of the bylaws. The addition of a clause will add Senators having mandatory Campus Connect Desk hours in their responsibilities as an SA senator.

The fourth proposed amendment will affect election timing, found in Article VII, Section 1 of the bylaws. Senators representing international and transfer students, along with Altman, Bronc and Taylor Halls, would be voted on at the beginning of the fall semester. Senators representing academic divisions and the remaining halls — Weyer and Babcock Halls — would be voted on at the end of the spring semester.

The fifth proposed amendment will affect the responsibilities of SA officers, found in Article V, Section 1 of the constitution. This would add a clause making it a requirement that the SA Executive Cabinet “must provide two (2) free and equal opportunity meals per academic semester, available to the entirety of the student body, regardless of meal-plan status.”

The next senate meeting will take place on Nov. 20 in Rooms A and B of Hazelrigg Student Union at 7:30 p.m.