Senate approves $350, alters budget allocations, plans for the year

The Hastings College Student Association Senate held its second meeting of the academic school year this Sunday, October 4, in the Wilson Auditorium. $350 was requested and further plans for the year were discussed. 

The meeting opened with Emma Enochs as a representative for the Scott’s Scholar Program, announcing that a nonprofit donor had pledged $170,000 in grants to be used for campus improvement projects. In the coming weeks, a grant committee including young alums will hold an open forum to approve proposals and distribute funds. The same fund is also contributing to the Student Association budget. 

Voting was held to approve $350 to SHAC, for 200 promotional stress balls to be used and distributed at vaccine clinic booths and blood drives. The vote also approved an amendment to the overall $60,000 budget, as follows: $15,000 to Student Groups, $12,000 to Homecoming, $8,000 each to Boar’s Head, the Entertainment Committee and the Diversity Committee, $7,350 to SA cabinet and senate and $3,650 to cabinet and program salary. 

Emma Enochs was approved as a senator, filling the Honors Housing vacancy. 

In the discussion, COVID-19 vaccination statistics on campus were brought up. As the Hastings campus has remained “Green” according to the matrix, while the Hastings community as a whole has higher risks, working to encourage voluntary vaccination and reporting will be important to eventually lift campus masking requirements and host indoor events without masks. Sen. Vice President Gilbert expressed that working to give students more options at campus vaccine clinics, such as Pfizer in addition to Moderna, will be key in addition to giving incentives for voluntary vaccination status reporting.