Senate meets for the second time this year

The Hastings College Student Association Senate (SA) met this past Monday, Sept. 24, at 7:00 p.m. for the second meeting of the school year. They discussed addiing another standing rule and then allocated this year’s funds.

After an approval of the minutes from the prior meeting, debate opened to revise the standing rules regarding requesting funds for T-shirts. Parker Flemming, senator of off-campus housing, proposed revisions stating that the rule needed to be more specific and benefit SA and its funds. After debate, the standing rule was revised so that groups can only request funding for T-shirts under the conditions that a minimum of 200 shirts be made and if intended to be sold for profit, that at least 50 percent of the profit be given to SA.

Discussion then moved to allocating funds. A total of $12,882 was requested among six groups, exceeding the total amount of $12,513 of the unallocated funds of SA.

Model United Nations (Model UN) requested a total of $5,200. These funds would be used for travel and participation in the national Model UN conference in NYC. Of the total amount requested $1,000 was budgeted for lodging costs, $2,100 was budgeted for airfare and $2,100 for delegation fees. Model UN in the past would receive a grant for experiential travel, but due to HC’s new travel initiative, the grant has been discontinued. Model UN received a $4,000 grant from the Political Science department, less than in the past due to budget cuts within the department. After a voluntary cut of $1,400, debate moved to funding delegation fees. Approval to cut delegation fees entirely passed because it is seen as a membership fee of the group. Motion to approve the budget was postponed until the end of the meeting.

After postponing, an additional cut of $1000 was made to follow standing rules and funding consistency of all groups. $2,100 was approved of the requested $5,200.

SA Discretionary requested a total of $2,750. Funds would be used for a fall bash taking place later in the semester. Of the total requested $250 was budgeted for a DJ, $1,000 for two bouncy houses, $1,000 for prizes to be raffled off at the event and $500 for food. A cut of $400 was applied to bouncy houses and $250 to prizes. A total of $2,100 of the request was approved.

LocalGlobal requested a total of $2,500. This request follows the last senate meeting in which $4,000 was cut from LocalGlobal’s original request. This cut reduced the group’s ability to meet their goal for this year’s Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week lunch making event. The group came back to request more funds in the hopes of still being able to reach their goal. After debate, no money was approved because the event does not directly benefit students on campus and takes away a large portion of the unallocated fund.

Crimson Cupboard requested a total of $2,000. Funds would be used for food vouchers of Russ’s Market to give to students who are dependent on Crimson Cupboard because of food insecurity. A voluntary cut of $750 was made to the request. The request was approved at $1,250

Phi Alpha Theta requested a total of $342.25. This request follows the last senate meeting in which they received no funding due to the representative of the group not being able to attend the meeting. The funds are to be used by Phi Alpha Theta for  research opportunity for one student and at least on board of trustee member at Corning Museum in NY. A voluntary cut of $192.25 was made in order to follow standing rules. The request was approved at $150.

HC Alliance requested a total of $90. These funds would be used for gift cards to Walmart as prizes for the group’s upcoming trivia night. The request was approved in full.

A total of $5,690 was approved. A total of $6,823 remains in the SA unallocated fund for the remaining of the fall semester.