SHAC collaborates with community to provide vaccine clinic on October 28

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) is a Peer Education group on campus that aims to promote education around causes surrounding physical health. They plan events that promote awareness and education around important health related topics. This month, they are working on bringing flu vaccines to campus. 

“We frequently create booths to educate our peers about their health, discussing issues such as flu vaccines, heart disease, blood donation and more. We’re working with the South Heartland District Health Department this month to bring flu vaccines to campus for both insured and uninsured students, so our students can be their healthiest this year,” said Alianna Higgins, SHAC president.

This year, vaccines for both the flu and COVID-19 are very important for the health and wellness of members on campus and in the community. SHAC understands the importance of this, and has a goal to make vaccines accessible and easy to get for students on campus.

“We’ll be offering Moderna COVID-19 vaccines as well as flu vaccines on October 28th from 12-2 in HSU A and B! This is a collaborative effort between SHAC, the South Heartland District Health Department, and Bert’s Pharmacy to ensure every student on campus has equal access to vaccines,” Higgins said.

Vaccines help prevent students from getting sick, so by providing the clinics, SHAC hopes to promote student health.

“I’d also highly encourage students to get the flu vaccine. Did you know that an average student will be sick for 8 days with the flu? That’s 16% of a seven-week block! Getting vaccinated ensures that you’re less likely to experience severe illness, and thus are less likely to miss class or practice,” Higgins said.

Students under the age of 19 need to get a parent signature before getting a vaccine. They can stop by the SHAC booth in HSU during lunch or dinner to pick up a form. The booth is also a resource for students to learn more about the vaccines.