Students compete to throw the most M&Ms into a cup taped around their partner's waist

Speed bonding allows students to socialize

Last Sunday, students got together in the Hazelrigg Student Union Rooms A and B for an all-hall mix-up. This event gave students the opportunity to meet new people on campus and compete in several minute-to-win-it games for prizes. Students rotated through three rounds of one-on-one discussion before teaming up for each game. 

For the first game, one person had to carry an M&M across the room on a popsicle stick and hand it off to their partner, who carried it back. 

After another three rounds of conversations, each set of partners competed to keep a balloon in the air with their feet the longest. The third competition was a game of aim as residence assistants taped a cup to one person while the other partner had to shoot M&M’s into the cup across the table. 

After getting to meet the rest of the students at the event, there was one final game. It was a tournament in which the objective was to flip four cups over on each team’s side first. After each round of games, the partners that won got to choose from a set of gift cards. At the end, a name was drawn from the students that attended. The winner receiving a blanket, movies, popcorn and two
gift cards.  This was the first time an all-hall mix-up event had been organized, having a total of 18 students attend
the programming. “I heard positive responses to this event. I felt they (students) also enjoyed it and found it was more fun than they were expecting,” said Colin Green, sophomore residence assistant of
Bronc Hall. 

With plans to do this event again, the RAs hope it will grow and allow more students to get to know each other.

“Something that made this event unique is that you had to get out of your comfort zone and talk to others. With some other events, it’s easy to just go and stay in your friend group and not mingle with others. This event brought people together,” said Claira Thede, sophomore residence assistant of Babcock Hall.