While Stenhouse lines up on the line of scrimmage, a Midland defender lines up with him as he looks down the line, ready for the snap to run his route.

Stenhouse returns to make impact on Bronco football team

In the midst of a four-game slide, Senior Wide Receiver Keiotey Stenhouse continues to be a bright spot for the Broncos. Stenhouse hails from Pacoima, California. He spent his first two years at Los Angeles Pierce College (LAPC), hauling in 35 passes for 342 yards and two touchdowns.

While the weather is an obvious difference between California and Nebraska, Stenhouse mentioned how he did appreciate some things better about living in Nebraska because it is more family-oriented.

Following his brief stint at LAPC, Stenhouse came to Hastings College as a junior in the fall of 2016. Stenhouse was forced to redshirt due to not having enough credits to participate in games. Following that year, Stenhouse dropped out of HC and went back to California.

After a change in heart and a conversation with President Travis Feezell, Stenhouse returned to HC in the fall of 2017, taking classes as a part-time student, but still practicing with the team. 

Still needing credits, Stenhouse was ineligible to play last year as a full-time student. In 2018, he sat out that year as well, officially counting for his junior season of football.

As a senior this year, Stenhouse was finally eligible and ready to play. 

“Coming into this year my goal was just to play free and actually have fun, because I have been away from the game for three years and then (to) come back into it, I was just so anxious,” Stenhouse said.

After catching the ball from a Midland kickoff, Stenhouse looks upfield and decides to change direction after getting blocks on the right side of the field.

Stenhouse’s season goal is to become first-team all-conference or become an All-American, but to do it within the team aspect. While those potential achievements are possible, Stenhouse continues to produce, leading the Broncos in total receptions. Stenhouse currently ranks third in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) in total receptions with 41.

Stenhouse also sketched his name into the Bronco history books against Doane on Sept. 28, when he caught 12 passes. Stenhouse surpassed the record, which was set by Brad McCaslin in 1992. He is also on-pace to have the second-most receiving yards for a season in Bronco history.

He still cares more about helping his team win than setting records.

“I’ve never been one that’s been really into individual awards; it’s always been more-so team goals. I’ve always wanted to find a way just to win and however I can help the team win. That’s what I’m here for, but I never want to shy away from it (the record). That is an accomplishment, and I’m looking forward to having many more as I keep playing the game,” Stenhouse said.

After LAPC, Stenhouse wanted to move up divisions, but without many offers from Division-I schools, he decided to make HC his home within the NAIA level.

“Hastings gave me a second chance at life, I’m not gonna lie. Where I come from, it’s not the best place in the world,” Stenhouse said. “I mean, I knew for a fact that if I wanted to go anywhere, it was here because I knew that, just the people around me, as far as my coaches and the staff and everybody that’s just around to help you. They just brought me under their wing and turned me into a totally different person and changed my life for the better, honestly,” Stenhouse said.

After graduation, Stenhouse wants to continue playing football as long as possible, and then plans to coach football at the high school or collegiate level.