Rogers and Borg race each other down the hill at Brickyard Park

Student engagement provides sleds during snow day

While the snow put classes behind another day, some students took advantage of the weather and went sledding at Brickyard Park. 

First-year Avery Muff; Second-years Karlie Norton and Maggie Rogers; and Juniors Timothy Ellis and Celeste Borg wanted to do more than sit indoors all day, so they came up with ideas to spend the day having fun. 

The five discussed how they could use the free day and realized they wanted to sled but didn’t own any themselves. 

After talking with Lisa Smith, dean of student engagement, she approved the purchase of campus sleds that could be borrowed by students. With money in hand, the five all found sleds and went to Brickyard Park. 

Right as they arrived at Brickyard, the sun started setting, providing them with the perfect scenery for the evening of their day off.

“The hills were crowded with families and kids, but we staked out an area and went down by ourselves, in pairs, or racing. The light through the trees made the snow pink and it was beautiful,” said Borg. “Of course we took videos of Maggie sledding for the very first time.”

For almost all of the students, snow isn’t new. However, as an Alabama native, Rogers didn’t grow up experiencing snow and had never been sledding before Wednesday.

“Today was full of laughs and creating memories that I will never forget. I’m glad I got to spend this beautiful snow day around amazing people,” said Norton.

Another popular spot for sledding is the hill north of the Hazelrigg Student Union. 

The forecast for this weekend includes a 40 percent chance of snow, up to a half inch possible on Friday and a 90 percent chance of snow, up to four inches possible on Saturday.

Forecast as of Feb. 21 at 12 a.m.