Student Evolution teaches growth mindset

Student Evolution is a weekly workshop to teach undergraduates how to become better students. The workshop is held every Thursday this semester at 7 p.m. in Studio 200. Topics include time management, resume writing and goal setting.

Emily Dunbar, transition specialist, said that Studio 200 wants to normalize help-seeking behavior. Student Evolution hopes to do that by opening up the workshop to everyone on campus.

“Dr. (Maggie) Callahan and I have been talking about it since last semester — what we can do outside of individual appointments and interactions with students … (we want) to reach more students at once,” Dunbar said.

While the workshops are open to all students, Studio 200 hopes to bring in those that are struggling academically.

“We had a senior who was intending to go to law school and was looking for ways to boost her retention of terms and vocabularies in the future,” Dunbar said, referring to the Feb. 28 workshop. “Our hope is to not just be a place to help students raise their grade from an F to a D, but (also) a place to help students raise their grade from a B to an A.”

Part of the motivation for the Student Evolution workshops includes addressing a stagnant learning attitude.

“I believe in a growth mindset. So a fixed mindset would say you’re either born a good student or you’re not and that’s just how it is … I don’t think that’s true. So I think that everybody can improve, everybody can get better, everybody can take the level of success where they are and grow that. We want to be the place to help that happen,” Dunbar said.

While attendance has been small — three students at the first workshop and two students in the second — Dunbar hopes that more students will attend.

“It’s a new initiative. We hope momentum will build and we’re not just looking at this semester. We’re looking to build over the long term. So hopefully word will get out, people will know these are workshops you can come to,” Dunbar said.

All classes are taught by Studio 200 staff members. This includes staff and graduate teaching assistants.

Students in the Learning Strategies and Study Skills class receive two hours worth of credit for attending.