Students tour industries

Vocation and Career Services hosted a “Learn, Connect, Experience” industry tour to allow a small group of students to visit several local businesses and gain information about local career fields on Feb. 12.

The tour was open for any student to register, with 10 students given the opportunity to learn from employees of Pacha Soap — founded by Hastings College alumni — Mary Lanning Healthcare and Five Points Bank. These businesses were chosen to represent a wide range of job industries and positions present in each company.

“I selected the sites based on community and alumni relationships, with attention to providing a look at different types of businesses. I wanted students to be able to gain knowledge of the types of jobs that might be a possibility at each type of organization. For example, Mary Lanning Healthcare is the largest employer in Hastings. Most people are familiar with jobs with titles like a nurse, physician, physical therapist, but are less aware of jobs in the supply chain, business wellness, finance, human resources, etc. I think you could say the same for working at a bank; we know what a loan offer does, but not the titles and duties of other positions. Where are the entry positions for a recent college graduate?” said Director of Vocation & Career Services Kim Graviette. 

Each business provided a different experience due to the varying business environments. The visit to Pacha Soap included a tour of the facilities, a conversation with student interns from HC and a talk with Chief Operating Officer Jeremy Hansen. The visit to Five Points Bank gave students the opportunity to speak with multiple professionals in order to learn about different positions in the banking industry. At Mary Lanning Healthcare, students were presented information regarding the more business-like aspects of a hospital.

“At Mary Lanning Healthcare they shared their talent recruitment strategy and also educated us on how they use Clifton strengths in employee development and training, which is a great topic that works well with HC’s new strengths initiatives,” Graviette said.

HC industry tours have been coordinated in Kearney, Omaha and Lincoln in the past, and it is likely that similar tour experiences will be hosted next year. 

In addition to this tour, Career Services also hosts a workshop every Tuesday night in the basement of the Daugherty Center for Student Engagement from 6-7:30 p.m. These workshops are primarily led by Junior Carter Mason and are held in order to help students with any aspect of employment, such as preparing resumes, learning interview skills and doing job searches. 

“We’re marketing it as a Studio 200 for Career Services. Basically, students can drop in any time they want and get help with anything career-related. If they need a job application or to work on a resume or fill out a cover letter, anything you need to help with a job or in preparation for a job, I can help with,” said Mason. 

Since the start date of Jan. 22, three workshops have been hosted and it’s planned for the workshops to continue until the end of the school year. Graviette can also be reached during the day in the Daugherty Center to help with career-related matters.