Students unhappy with roommate consolidations

On March 1, a group of students received an email stating that because they lived in a double room on campus without a roommate, they either have to pay an additional $735 or decide to move in with someone else by March 6.

The Collegian sent a Google Form poll to the affected students. Of the 52 affected, 22 students responded. None of the respondents said they originally planned on living in rooms by themselves. Most did not know about the possibility of a fine. The majority of the students’ prior roommates moved out over the course of the year or they never had a roommate assigned to them.

The Collegian reached out to the housing department but did not receive a response by the time of publication. We will continue to update the situation as more information becomes available.

Sixty-three percent of the students didn’t think the college had the right to make this decision, and 77 percent believed the decision was unfair. Three students believed the college did have the right but felt they should have been informed earlier. Several students also felt this shouldn’t happen after students’ finances and loans for the semester have already been decided.

At the beginning of this week, multiple students reported receiving an update from their Resident Directors. While no official email had been sent as of 7 p.m. on March 6, the housing department appears to have reversed the decision. RDs of some residence halls met with their respective residents and informed them the process would not be moving forward anymore and that all of the students could stay in the dorm they had been living in prior to this.

No reason for the consolidation has been officially stated, but the affected students provided their theories in the poll. One suggested reason was that other students who paid the fee to have a double room to themselves believed it to be unfair that other students didn’t have to pay more. Another reason was that the college wanted to cut down on utility costs or clean the rooms for summer camps. However, the majority of the students thought the college simply wanted to request more money from them.

“I feel that they should make a clear cut rule that if your roommate moves out you either can change to a single living in a double or find a new roommate. Instead they are trying to get more money from us. I mean they have let us live in the dorms solo for almost over half of the spring semester why does it all of the sudden matter and they are just now letting us know with like three days to figure out what to do,” said one student affected by the decision.