Surely someone has opinions on something

Social media allows for virtually unlimited self-expression. In today’s society, it is just a given that you can, for the most part, post what you want. But have you ever felt like no one is hearing you? You post on social media when there’s something wrong and people still aren’t focusing on a certain topic. Sometimes there are multiple people that feel a certain way about a topic, whether controversial or not, and Twitter blows up with retweets and threads of “unpopular opinion: (insert topic) edition.” In the 21st century, there is no shortage of opinions on our campus. Yet, the staff of the Collegian never seems to hear about it.

I am sitting here writing an opinion for the Collegian on how you should have and submit those opinions to the Collegian. Do you see the problem here? This opinion column is not just for the staff of the Collegian. It’s for anyone on the HC campus. I’m definitely okay with having more than just Jarad Johnson, the Collegian’s business manager, or Jordan Ismaiel, the Collegian’s chief copy editor, and myself switch out between writing opinions because I couldn’t find someone willing to write one.

Unless you are Mark Zuckerberg, a Facebook post can easily be deleted or hidden at the bottom of the timeline.

By putting your words in print, it’s as if your opinion becomes final. It’s cemented in history and there will always be a copy of the Collegian because it is stored long-term in both the Perkins Library and the Gray Center.

On a more positive note, writing an opinion can also be a way to work through what you are feeling, as I am doing right now. Through this opinion column, you are given the ability to reach others that you might not otherwise reach and make a difference.

This is a call to get outside of the safety bubble that is social media. Do you have an opinion you want to write about? Did you get through high school? Have you have survived a 100-level college class? Then you know how to write 350-600 words about one topic. You also know how to support that opinion with facts.

Go ahead and send it to us. I will seriously consider any well-written opinion supported by facts. If the gigantic advertisement to the right of this opinion doesn’t say the message loud enough, we want writers. You all have smartphones. Just send those opinion submissions to