The new 6 person glider swing sits between Altman Hall and Bronc Hall.

Swing creates social setting

Many students have probably noticed a new addition to campus: the red and white glider swing. Originally, the swing was placed by the entrance to the Hazelrigg Student Union but has since been moved to the basketball courts between Bronc and Altman Halls. 

Kimberly Milovac, director of first-year experience, discovered the swings while scouting locations for the new First Year Experience Camp, Camp FYRE. While looking at a location option, Milovac saw a glider swing and took down the information for the swing company, SwingScapes.

Purchasing a swing for this school year, which would cost $1,850, was not an option due to short notice and budget constraints. After Milovac explained this to the company owner, he allowed the school to borrow a glider swing until October to see how campus responded to the new addition. 

Milovac is hoping HC could get a swing or two as a Bronco Boost Donation or class gift from a graduating class. 

“I think they’d be nice by the Taylor lawn, by the creek if there’s a flat enough spot or between the music building and the student union,” said Milovac. 

The swing is part of HC community-building efforts. It can seat up to six people and can be a place to disconnect from the college stress while connecting with each other.

“The swing is an excellent addition to campus. It’s made friendships blossom, and it’s a wonderful place to take a break from the craziness,” said First-Year Student Justine Flynn. 

Students can rent blankets and hammocks from the Campus Connect Desk, but they cannot be kept outside year-round. The glider swings, however, are made durable enough to sit outside all year long. They are maintenance-free and are created from weather-resistant, recycled plastic. According to the SwingScapes website, one swing contains plastic from more than 4,000 milk jugs.

The swing can help build community and connect people at HC while furthering recycleable efforts. 

“I want everyone to fall in love with the swing as much as I have,” Milovac said.