Nash heads to Harvard

Bronco Award Winner Eboni Nash is headed to Harvard Divinity School to get a masters in theology after graduating from Hastings College this spring with triple majors in criminology, psychology and religion. She intends to focus on black liberation theology and mass incarceration. Nash was awarded the Deans Fellowship, which is a renewable full tuition grant that also includes a yearly stipend. After finishing school, … Continue reading Nash heads to Harvard

Spotts-Falzone earns All-American

Bronco Award Winner Carly Spotts-Falzone ends out the year with multiple accomplishments after traveling to California for the Presidents III Division of National Forensics Association National Tournament and earning 11th overall speaker in the country.  Spotts-Falzone made it to quarterfinals in dramatic interpretation and duo, octa-finals in prose interpretation, and semi-finals in program oral Interpretation, informative Speaking and poetry. Spotts-Falzone was also an All-American for … Continue reading Spotts-Falzone earns All-American