Tribute Trees on Campus

Hastings College has placed an emphasis on the need for trees on campus from the very beginning. After breaking ground for McCormick Hall in 1882, community members planted 226 trees on the HC campus. Then the HC Arboretum was formally recognized by the State of Nebraska in 1997. Today, the college continues to encourage more planting through a nursery and tribute trees. A tribute tree … Continue reading Tribute Trees on Campus

General security tips following safety incident at Hastings College

Incidents of students being followed have been reported in the news and around Hastings, making students concerned about their safety. An email from Campus Safety’s head, Dennis Leonard, was sent to all of campus on August 27, concerning an unknown male driving around campus. The driver had approached a student while she was walking and asked her if she needed a ride. The student was … Continue reading General security tips following safety incident at Hastings College

Fire Circle sparks understanding

Beginning last semester, students started to hold “fire circle,” an outcome of the listening sessions started by the campus climate and culture task force. The fire circles are a way for students to gather and discuss the culture on campus in an open and accepting atmosphere. The fire circle is structured in the circle way method. The circle way is a method of discussion designed … Continue reading Fire Circle sparks understanding