Student groups help Taylor Hall residents move out on Oct. 9. The service event listed as part of the homecoming week events last week.

Taylor Hall residents move out for anticipated dorm cleaning

Residents of Taylor Hall continue to move into alternative housing as testing continues of the status of mold growth in the dormitory building. This follows after a series of maintenance requests were filed starting Sept. 3 with reports of mold growth in individual dorm rooms. 

The Student Engagement team has been working with two companies on the bidding for a proposed plan of abatement within the dormitory; the most recent company coming in on Oct. 15 to look at air quality tests that have been done in order to come up with the next steps of action to reach for a solution. 

“We brought in a second company to look at the air quality testing and we’re looking to see what their plan is for abatement,” said Susan Meeske, executive vice president of enrollment and student experience.  

Meeske says that the same process is being made for Bronc Hall as the dormitory has also had problems with mold growth due to air flow quality within the building. Currently, only initial phases in planning have been made to address issues in Bronc Hall.

“We are having them take a look at the air quality tests and then figuring out what are the next steps. So then what they do is they say, ‘Here would be the scope of work, here would be the time frame and here would be the cost,’” Meeske said.

A majority of residents of Taylor Hall moved out of their dorm rooms on Oct. 9 throughout the day and into alternative housing. Greek life student groups and Student Association, as well as student athletes and others aided in residents’ moving process by carrying belongings from dorm rooms and into their new housing accommodations. 

As of the time of publication, 26 residents of Taylor Hall have moved into honors houses and the Bronco Village Apartments, with three to four more residents having the possibility of moving in the near future. 

No plans have been made to move all residents out of the dormitory and the Student Engagement team is still in the process of deciding which company will handle building abatement.

Collegian’s first article on Taylor Hall’s mold issue appeared in the Oct. 4 issue, and updates will be made as conditions change.