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Last year, Hastings College announced changes that would affect every student planning to graduate after May 2019. These changes included a complete redesign of the academic calendar, changes to the liberal arts program and new opportunities for off-campus study. In addition, a campus-wide survey highlighted the problem of sexual violence on campus.

For many, this information sparked frustration, worry and uncertainty in the HC community. Compounding these feelings were rumors and false information. At the Collegian, we cut through the false information to bring facts to the students, faculty and administration because journalism matters.

The Collegian provides the truth in an easy-to-understand format through our print, video and online outlets. We do this because we want you to be well-informed when you have to make decisions. For every paragraph you read or minute you watch, we painstakingly craft content to ensure that you can always get reliable, unbiased information. We do it because the truth matters. You can always pick up the Collegian or watch Collegian TV (CTV) knowing that the information is relevant, accurate and valuable. We do it because we care about HC and its people.

If you care about HC and want to help its population make the best decisions, you can join our team. No matter your major, writing ability or skill set, you can have an impact. We hold our content to the highest journalistic standards by abiding to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics. We will train you for whatever position you are interested in, be it reporting, copy-editing, photography or videography. You can have a positive impact on your peers.

Since the Collegian started in 1885, we have reported on how HC has evolved and will continue to do so, for better or worse. This parallels the global community. Getting facts out in an easily-accessible, unbiased and open manner is more important now than ever before. That cannot be done if people do not support an independent and free press. Whether consuming or creating news, you are supporting a critical pillar in your community. In return, we will help you be better informed and make better decisions.