The importance of college, student journalism

Students are the target audience of college campuses; they are built and designed for and, by and large, who they are occupied by most predominantly. This is why the student perspective is so vital to understanding a college campus entirely. Student journalism is one of the most accessible ways for students to have their voices heard and experiences recognized in an official manner on campus. Anyone can come to write for a school newspaper (and please do; the Collegian would love to have you!). Student journalists and newspapers as a whole also provide a tangible source of institutional memory. The articles that the Collegian writes and the stories that the Collegian tells are one of the few physical places that hold the evidence of what this era on the Hastings College campus was like from the perceptive of students. Yes, we now also have Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok, but those are all digital records — things that can be removed, blocked or deleted. Once something goes to print, it has a physical form of existence and thereby cannot be erased or deleted.

Student journalism also has a unique ability to hold an institution accountable for its actions. As a journalist, one must report facts in a non-biased manner. Student journalism is no different — when something happens, one must report it in a way that reflects the events in the manner in which they occurred. We cannot spin information to favor one party over another. Journalism holds the power to report facts, document history and inform public opinion. Student journalism is no different — it provides a clue to the pulse of campus, reports the events and reflects on the experiences of students without bias. The fact that the Collegian is the second oldest student organization on campus says a lot. Groups and organizations come and go but the newspaper hangs on, generation after generation, which attests to how vital the student newspaper truly is.