This Week in History

This week in history on April 9th, 1981, Staff Writer Sue Marshall wrote about the importance of the Student Association election and the impact that it has had on the Hastings College community. Recently elected S.A. president Dee Black and vice-president Gregg Plock told their perspective on the challenging election that took place, as well as the impact that their campaign had on the campus community in the year of 1981.

After four gruelling weeks of campaigning and revote, the 1981-82 Student Association president and vice president were finally selected. The new S.A. president is Dee Black, a junior, and the vice president is sophomore Gregg Plock. 

Both Dee and Gregg were informed of their victory by a telephone call Thursday, April 2nd, before the “Air Supply” concert.

“I got a call from Missy Avery at about 7 p.m. on Thursday. She sounded really serious and I got scared that I had done something wrong,” Dee said. “I about died when she told me that I’d gotten president.”

Gregg was at a bar eating supper with his family when he received his call.

“I was called to the phone during supper and a couple of drunks who were partying before the concert told me that I had won. I guess they had called the dorm to tell me and these guys answered the phone,” Gregg said.

It was originally planned that the winners of the elections were to be told shortly after returning from Spring Break, but this plan fell through after there were some problems with the first election and everyone had to revote. According to Dee, there were many problems with the first election. 

“First of all, Anna Borg was listed under vice-president, when actually she was running for president. Then, they ran out of ballots and people were just given a plain piece of paper to vote on. When the voting was finished, there were around 400 returns and only 250 people had actually voted. The ballot box was left unattended most of the day and the extra votes must have come in then,” she said.

Both Gregg and Dee were upset there were so many problems with the first election. Dee felt the first election was very unorganized and was very relieved when Clay Anderson and Monte Matthews took over the handling of the voting. She was happy, students were allowed to vote all day instead of just during lunch periods.

Gregg was also very upset about the first election and stated it left him “very disappointed in human nature.” Gregg hopes, in accordance with the problems with the first election, that the students will consider the capability of the candidates in the future elections and not make these elections popularity contests. 

Dee has served as president of the Alpha Phi Sigma sorority. She has served as the chairman of the Fine Arts and Lectures committee. She has been on the Special Programs committee, the Union Activities committee, an R.A. for two years, a member of the Inter-Sorority Council, and vice-president of the junior class.

Gregg is a member of the Eta Phi Lambda fraternity, the forensics team, the tennis team (for which he is the social chairman), the Elected Assembly, the Nebraska Psychological Association, the U.S. Tennis Association, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Dee has been familiar with the Hastings College campus and its activities for many years, as she is originally from Hastings.

Gregg is from Burwell, Nebraska, where he lives with mother and father, Elinor and George, and his sisters, Shawnee and Kendra.

Dee and Gregg are very excited about next year. They both feel the biggest problem here on campus is apathy among students and are going to work hard to get students involved in campus activities. Gregg mentioned how he hoped the students will get totally involved especially in the centennial celebration, which will begin next year.

Dee and Gregg felt their extra campaigning won the election for them. Although both of them said campaigning was fun, they are relieved the elections are over.

Gregg remarked, “even Ronald Reagan didn’t have a four-week campaign after primaries.” Yet, Gregg admitted that he did enjoy the limelight during the elections.

Dee and Gregg will begin working with the Executive Council next week, and will have to begin selecting the new members for the S.A. offices in the near future. Gregg emphasized how important it is that the students run for these offices, and he said to be sure to get letters of intent in as soon as possible.