Mr. Eta Phi Lambda Kevin Toner, junior foreign exchange student, does a card trick during the annual Mr. and Ms. Bronco competition.

Toner and Ruane win Mr. and Ms. Bronco

Mr. Eta Phi Lambda Kevin Toner, junior foreign exchange student, and Ms. Physics Lyndsay Ruane, senior physics major, won Hastings College’s 16th annual Mr. and Ms. Bronco on April 12. They beat out eight other contestants in the three-round contest held in the French Memorial Chapel, winning $250 each.

The competition was scored by four judges: Travis Agagah ‘18, graduate assistant human performance coach; Emily Dunbar ‘08, transition specialist for Studio 200; Laura Arnold ‘16, Taylor Hall resident director; and Jesse Hellinger, Bronc and Babcock Hall resident director. Dr. Fritz Mountford, director of the Hastings College Choir, reprised his role as emcee for the evening.

The evening opened with an organizational dress competition where contestants sported outfits related to the student group, sport or major department that they represented. These outfits ranged from their version of a typical outfit for a student living in Bronco Village Apartment 715 to pajamas.

The second portion involved formal wear and a question that judges preselected for the individual contestants. Toner’s question was what he would do if he woke up tomorrow and weighed 600 pounds. He was quick to answer.

“I would probably find a big, gigantic hill and roll down it,” Toner said.

The final section of the night’s contest was the talent division. Toner performed a series of magic tricks, accomplished with the help of volunteers from the audience. His final trick brought audience members to a standing ovation after he pretended to mess up the trick and threw the cards on the ground, only to pull the correct card out of his shoe.

Ruane used her major to her advantage by performing science experiments for her talent.

“People love explosions and things that are dangerous. That would have gotten me,” Ruane said.

Other contestants featured Mr. Student Ambassador Wyatt Edeker, junior, and Ms. Babcock Hall Mackenzie Waltemath, sophomore. Edeker’s talent involved throwing T-shirts out to the audience. Waltemath, who attempted to flip a bottle for her talent last year, attempted the same flip with two water bottles — again, unsuccessfully.

Mountford said he was impressed with the contestants and script this year. He also acknowledged that the night is meant for everyone to let loose and relax when the semester gets stressful.

“I look at the script kind of at the same time you guys do and sometimes I’m going along (the script) going, ‘Oh, this sentence is digging me into a hole deeper and deeper,’ but I just keep going,” Mountford said. “But I think everybody knows that tonight is for that nonsense and so it’s okay.”