Travel funds awarded to four students

Four students will have $2,390 of their travel costs covered by the Student Scholarship Funds Selection Committee (SSF).

The SSF, formerly known as the Student Research and Travel (SRT) Funds Committee, awarded the funds this month from their $5,000 Trustee Innovation Grant to the students to help them cover costs for travel and conference attendance. This comes after their first round of the Students4Students Fund applications was considered.

Two other students submitted funding applications, with one not receiving funds and the other being approved in full for a different scholarship fund, the Rafferty-Rownd Study Abroad Fund, which has its own scholarship pool under the SSF committee.

$2,610 remains in the Students4Students Fund with an additional $10,000 set aside in the Student Association (SA) fund for scholarship funding under the SSF committee. These funds were set aside by the SA president and vice president in order to aid students in the cost of academic experiences.

“Students4Students Fund was created by Maggie and me in order to give students the opportunity to pursue academic experiences outside of Hastings College and alleviate some of the financial burdens that students face when pursuing those experiences,” said SA President Kaelan Dea.

The SSF selection committee is facilitated by Dr. Stephanie Furrer, psychology and sociology department chair, and is comprised of Furrer, Dr. Babcock, Dr. Schneider, Dr. Weiss, Beth Simoens, Michelle Lyons, Dr. Sunderman, vice president of academic affairs; Dea and Maggie Rogers, student association vice president.

In addition to the Students4Students Fund, the SSF committee allocates funding for the Monticello College Foundation Research Grants for Women and additional smaller scholarship fund pools.

For more information on the Students4Students Fund and other scholarships, please visit

For those wishing to apply, there are two more opportunities to request occurring this semester: Mar. 6 and Apr. 3.