Unusual Days for Fall Finals

The Hastings College finals schedule for the fall 2018 semester will look different from previous years. This semester, the last class period will be on Wednesday, Dec. 5. Two reading days are on Thursday and Sunday. Finals will be on Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.

Finals in past years took place Monday through Thursday. The last class of the semester took place on the Friday before exams. According to Dr. Barbara Sunderman, interim vice president for Academic Affairs, the changes were developed by the previous Dean of Faculty, Gary Johnson, who left in May 2018. Academic calendars are typically voted on 18 months prior.

“It’s a schedule that’s used more frequently on the coast than it is in the midwest, and the prior dean was from an eastern school. So it’s a schedule he had run before, and he felt like students would benefit from those reading days,” Sunderman said.

Reading days allow time for students to study for finals and to take a break. Sunderman noted the possibility of relaxation events on those days.

“One of the worries that professors have had in the past is that we have four continuous days of finals and not a break to catch your breath and finish strong on those last two days of finals. So that’s the intention of the Sunday reading day,” Sunderman said.

This semester will be the only time this finals structure will take place. The spring 2019 semester will have the traditional schedule. Once the new block style calendar takes effect, a new schedule will be created to accommodate for the fewer classes. The block calendar is expected in fall 2019.

“This is the only time we are going to play with this current final schedule … I think we may have continued to schedule like this for the fall term if we had remained on the current calendar for fall term, but since the calendar is changing next fall, it won’t look this at all,” Sunderman said. “It’s a one-off really for us in terms of how we’re running the finals schedule for this semester.”

A full schedule for when a class has its final exam period can be found on ourHC, under the “Academic Affairs” tab. Students are encouraged to check their finals schedule before booking flights or scheduling travel.