Volleyball plays for something greater than themselves

It’s just more than any other night for players on the Hastings College volleyball team. Dig Pink Night is a night for the team to come together to bring awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

“Pink Night used to be a night where we played for something greater than ourselves, for all those who battled with cancer, fighting for their life. Today, it is still that but so much more after witnessing my mom first-hand go through breast cancer treatments just months after she had lost her best friend to another form of cancer,” said Senior Ally Ginkens. “So tonight when I put on that jersey and tie a pink ribbon in my hair, I am reminded to enjoy this moment and be thankful for the opportunity given to play and spread awareness to something that hits so close to home.” 

The volleyball team usually wears pink jerseys for the night, but Head Coach Alex Allard said they should be playing for something bigger than just pink jerseys. 

“I feel like in collegiate sports for the pink-out game, there is too much focus on the jerseys. I feel like we need to get back to why we are having a pink-out night, focusing more on the people that are going through things and not so much glorify the color of the uniform,” Allard said. 

The team is doing more than just one night of awareness for cancer. This season, the team has been wearing a purple ribbon on one of their shoes. The ribbon represents Pancreatic Cancer in support for Sophomore Emily Krolikowski’s father, who passed away last spring. 

“It’s a true representation of Hastings College. It’s a great feeling knowing that I have all of these girls behind me. Even when I have my worst days, they are here to pick me up, and it’s a really great feeling,” Krolikowski said. 

Each year the team picks out a charity for the T-shirt sales with money given as well. This year, the team picked The Heart Fund Foundation through Mary Lanning Health Care. The foundation treats active cancer patients and helps with costs. 

“Dig Pink Night has always been where we are playing for something greater than ourselves,” said Senior Emily Lenners. “That is our mindset going into the night. Whether it’s breast cancer or any other cancer, we are playing for those people who have struggled and who are struggling throughout that disease. To have that mindset that it’s just not about volleyball, and it’s more than that.”

The Broncos were able to capture a win against (receiving votes) Concordia University Bulldogs three sets to one after losing to them earlier in the season. 

Amongst the fundraising between selling T-shirts, cookies and bins passing, Dig Pink Night was able to collect an estimated $4,000.