Voting to start for ‘20-’21 SA president & vice president

Elections for the 2020–21 Student Association (SA) president and vice president will be conducted through online voting April 13–15 following the campaign period which started on March 30 and will end the day voting begins — potential candidates were to submit an intent to run by March 13. Due to campus closure, candidates campaigned online and through social media platforms.

Two candidates for SA president, along with their potential vice presidents, are running for the next academic year’s position as opposed to last year’s campaigning and election which only had one potential set of candidates running for office. 

Candidates for next year’s SA president are Junior Robert Hernandez and Junior Maggie Rogers, current SA vice president. Candidates for next year’s SA vice president are Junior Richard Hernandez, running alongside his brother, Robert, and Sophomore DaeRon Jones, running alongside Rogers.

Both candidate’s platforms are viewable on the SA website along with information on each candidate and their goals as potential president and vice president. 

The Hernandez brothers’ campaign aims to “bridge (the) gap between represented and underrepresented communities on campus.”

“I chose to run for president because I feel like I can introduce and implement a new and dynamic perspective that not only serves and appreciates those underrepresented communities on campus but also bridges the gap between all communities. By doing that, I truly feel like we can increase student engagement and build a fun and inclusive culture at Hastings College,” Hernandez said on the website.

Hernandez and his brother said in their platform that they would also like to increase diversity appreciation across campus and support activities that enhance the student experience and build communities.

Rogers and Jones’ campaign aims to “rebuild, expand and support our community” through collaboration between student organizations and athletics, and supporting campus resources.

“I am so excited to run once again for SA, this past year has been so rewarding and I am really hoping for the chance to continue to help make change. With mine and DaeRon’s experience in SA and our involvement on campus in sports, organizations, and working closely with faculty and staff, I believe we are great candidates for SA president and vice president,” Rogers said on the website.

Rogers and Jones said in their platform that they want to help provide and grow small group spaces, build on student experience opportunities and develop a digital media presence for SA.

No information has been sent to students on when results will be announced following the completion of voting.