With appreciation

Dear Hastings College Community,

Thank you all for your dedication and hard work during this academic year. As we transition to Hastings 2.0, we would like to thank the people who have played a role in getting us ready for the changes. 

Thank you to the staff of HC who have worked to rethink, redesign, and rework all policies, procedures, events, etc. Hours of meetings, countless rewrites, and excellent problem solving has moved us forward in our work. Hurley-McDonald 05 has been the weekly destination for many on campus for the last year as the work has been vetted to make all of the changes. Thank you.

Thank you to our students who have asked questions, been patient with our answers, and shown curiosity in the work. We are extremely grateful for the love of Hastings College and the care you have given in personalizing your own education within 2.0. Please continue to help solve problems and wonder about possibilities. Thank you. 

Thank you to the faculty. These amazing people have poured themselves into the work of teaching and learning during this current academic year as well as worked tirelessly as they develop the new look of the curriculum in Hastings 2.0. Each department has rewritten, each division has reviewed, and the Faculty Senate has vetted every change. The Curriculum Committee has listened to each proposal, asked clarifying questions, and met the call for finalizing with a spirit of civil candor. The Faculty Affairs Committee has reworked the entire Manual of Operations to reflect the practices of HC. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

During the recent Board of Trustees meeting, the following resolution was unanimously passed:

“BE IT RESOLVED, The Hastings College Board of Trustees makes a matter of record its sincere appreciation for the diligent and indelible work of the Hastings College faculty during the development of Hastings 2.0.  Today, April 26, 2019, the Board wishes to record in the minutes of this meeting our deep gratitude for the faculty and their service to Hastings College.”

Thank you again for all of your hard work, your care of the learning, and your care for each other. Enjoy the summer and we will see you all in the launching of Hastings 2.0. We are glad to be on the journey with you.

With grateful hearts, 

Travis Feezell and Barbara Sunderman